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$50 Million Refinance

Texas multifamily

(July 2022)

The Power of Partnership

California Private Capital Group (CAPCG) is a privately owned, boutique, real estate investment group with a legacy of innovation, an emphasis on execution, and a demonstrated track record of strong performance.

Formally formed in 2009, CAPCG has been focusing on acquisition, development, rehabilitation and management of apartment communities in the United States and currently controls over 1,500 apartment homes in the San Francisco - South Bay, Dallas Fort-Worth and Houston areas.  


The group continually explores high yielding real estate investment opportunities in a range of distressed asset acquisition of residential multi-family properties in attractive markets throughout North America.

Portrait of Businessman

Yahav, Thanks. I hope I can help you in the future.

I admire the results I have seen.

Dean Castelhano, Graham Investments, Inc. 

Our Services

Our Strategy

Core, value-added, and opportunistic strategies investing directly in real estate in the United States.

     Our core business involves acquiring underperforming multifamily real estate in strong Texas markets, and undertaking an extreme makeover of these assets in order to reposition them as the top properties in their respective submarket.


     We employ a design driven focus with respect to our renovations, coordinating with in-house and third party reposition consultants and design professionals to ensure that our product distinguishes itself from its competition due to its physical and aesthetic attributes.


     We believe in the power of relationships and hence treat each relationship with respect, openness and professionalism. As such, we have built a trusted network of brokers, lenders, banks and loan servicers to provide access to the most compelling, off-market multifamily real estate opportunities. We are positioning ourselves to be among the 1st 2nd or 3rd phone calls these groups make when they want to dispose of their non-performing multifamily assets.

Capital Raising

California Private Capital Group has been able to raise capital for steady growth through an investment structure under which each property was purchased by a newly formed limited partnership, with investors recruited from a network of high-net-worth individuals


We believe in a disciplined adherence to geographic and property specialization. By concentrating on apartment investments in particular areas in all major markets in Texas, we have gained strong local market knowledge.

Asset Management

Along with a significant financial investment, California Private Capital Group's commitment to its partners and investments is reflected in a high level of staff involvement in the operations and management of all of its properties, utilizing skilled employee teams in property management, construction and maintenance. 

Property Management

California Private Capital Group manages from an owner’s perspective and is driven to maximize cash flow and enhance the long-term value of its assets.


Focusing mostly on underperforming or value-add communities, the Company has developed a unique expertise that has proven invaluable in identifying attractive investments and renovating and managing its communities to their highest value.


Our properties required some  level of renovation and a complete turnaround in their financial and operational management to make them successful. In some cases, the dramatic improvements made to the company’s properties provided a catalyst to upgrade surrounding neighborhoods. 

Operational Philosophy: “Make Our Residents Happy"

This is our main and central theme, and ultimately our motto and driving force behind everything we do. We know we’ve accomplished this mission when turnover decreases, retention increases, referrals increase – each of which has a real, positive bottom line impact on the financial performance of the property. To further expand, on how we make our residents happy, there are a few key ideas that are important: 


Yahav. Thanks. I hope I can help you in the future. I admire the results I have seen.

Dean Castelhano
Graham Investments, Inc.

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